Blink 31: How do you survive in a society where abuse is tolerated?

I have been away for some months, busy with work and new studies. Been busy is generally not good for me but this busy was a good busy. The type of busy that makes you feel exhausted most of the times but also allows you to deepen your analysis of the context(s) you navigate. Because […]

Blink 29: Collage – Points of entry to another world

Collage techniques were widely used in the 19th century by women making albums and decorative objects. In the 20th century they were adopted by the Cubist painters Picasso and Braque, who used them to expand their exploration of representational strategies and pictorial form. Unlike the Cubists, the Surrealists were not interested in formal issues or […]

Blink 25: Making space, finding space

Reacting versus making space, finding space. The Buddhist teaching suggests to cultivate spaciousness. What does this spaciousness really is? A state of mind where you can observe your thoughts without acting on them . Feeling free to explore your fantasies, desires, thoughts, wishes without censoring any of them. Only in this way we can explore […]

Blink 20 Just breath…. (properly!)

Relieving inflammation and anxiety We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotele In which category do you fall? Are you one of those highly committed to meditation or yoga that wake up every morning with their own routine? If this is the case, well done! You may […]

Blink 17 The courage of simplicity: creativity on the making (!)

Stereotypes often prevent us from expressing our full potential and achieve what we really want in life. The case of creativity is a very interesting one. Studies have showed that people coming from disadvantage backgrounds or who may have experienced being powerless due to any type of disability (including mental health) or life events, often […]

Blink 14 About writing…an experiment!

Writing poetry… Writing reports for work… Writing and feeling distracted… Writing as a distraction… Writing and feeling in the flow… Writing and enjoying it. What all these experiences have in common is… writing. An action. Taking a pen in your hand or typing on a keyboard with some intentionality. Like now…I am writing. I am […]